Application Materials:

The selection of alloys is generated based on the type of wear that occurs in each application, among which are:

High impact:

Alloys such as AC AL MANGANESE with low hardness and high impact resistance for alloys in hoppers, chutes and apron feeders between primary and secondary crushing and / or in other applications with high impact areas caused by high drops in the material greater than 4′.

Moderate impact and abrasion:

Alloys such as Chrome Silicon Molybdenum Steel with hardnesses up to 500 HBN and with good mechanical properties work very well in most intermediate applications between secondary and tertiary crushing, where there is no impact or severe abrasion.

Severe abrasion:

High abrasion resistance chromium iron alloys thanks to its high hardness of 600-700 HBN. Ideal for apron feeder walls and similar applications where work is carried out with material less than 2 ″ and / or where there are friction conditions due to sliding or hauling without direct impact.