The proper selection of our raw material is made through an analysis in our chemical laboratory, which determines the type of material that is used and according to the alloy that is required to be melted in the furnaces.

The main objective is to achieve the best metallurgical properties that allow casting a part with greater durability in the highest possible wear ratio.

These qualities translate into metallurgical properties that we achieve based on the formulation of alloys, and the melting process, casting temperature and mold collapse once the solidification of the part has been reached.

The 5 electric induction furnaces with capacities of 1T, 2T and 4T working together provide a combined capacity of 850 metric tons per month and a melting capacity of unit parts of up to 6.2 tons.

Induction furnaces constitute a tangible advantage in quality and purity of molten material, thus achieving a better result.

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