Earth movement

Earth movement

In open pit mining this is a main and vitally important process, since it is the beginning of the entire production process by removing material by means of mining shovels, which can supply trucks of 300 – 400 T of load. The wear material in the lane is of crucial importance for the fulfillment of the objectives in this process.

Main brands:

  • Komatsu
  • Caterpillar
  • L&H
  • P&H

For the parts used in scrap shredders, we have alloys based on manganese steel, whose Mn percentage is 18%. In addition we also handle shoes on high resistance steels, providing safety in operation.


  • Track shoes
  • Buckets
  • Gets: Tips, adapters, corners, etc.
Earth movement
Movimiento de Tierras para Construcción
Earth movement