The scrap shredder is also known as the “Shredder”. This machine is used to compact and decrease the size of scrap metal in order to increase its density. This allows to increase the load weight in the steel furnaces with which a higher scrap melting speed is achieved, generating a greater production at a lower cost.

Main brands:

  • Harris hs6090
  • Harrishs80115
  • Harrishs98115
  • Harrishs25125
  • Newell80104 shd
  • Newell98104 shd
  • Metsotexas 60/80
  • Metsotexas 74/104
  • Metsotexas 80/104
  • Metsotexas 98/104
  • Metsotexas 122/108
  • Metsolindemann

Pieces of Shredders

For the parts used in scrap shredders, we have a wide variety of alloys based on manganese steel with low alloys of Cr, Mo, Ni and V, depending on the work area. These steels have high strength and high toughness. Its main characteristic is the hardening of its surface due to its work by mortising (“gouging”), blow or impact.

The control of the emptying temperature of the molds allows us to have a fine grain size, which optimizes ductility and resistance with great capacity for hardening at work. It also minimizes cracking trends and standardizes properties throughout the part.

Our shredder’s foundry structure originally has carbides and other transformation products at the grain edge and within the austenitic grain, which are extremely brittle. In the heat treatment, the carbides are dissolved, which with a severe cooling to the water, transform into a completely austenitic structure with carbides scattered within the grain, which allow having the optimal properties for the work it performs.

Piezas de las Fragmentadoras



  • Lower ramp base
  • Rampaalimenta plate
  • Upper feeding ramp


  • Hammer
  • Protector depin (pin protector or donut)
  • Spider Cap Rotor layer (rotor cap)


  • Lower anvil (anvil)
  • Lower breaker bar
  • Solid grate
  • Lower intermediate grill rear (grate)
  • End grill
  • Front intermediate lower grille
  • Side wear plates (liners)


Lower wall (back wall)
Mill gate (reject wall)
Upper screen (top grate)
Upper anvil (front wall)
Side wear plates (liners)
Upper front wall