Funvesa upgrades it’s chemistry laboratory with new technology

Categoría: funvesa espectometro analisis metales Funvesa technology chemical analysis

A high-tech spectrometer has been acquired for a broader more complete and precise chemical analysis our alloys.

To assure compliance with international standards and FUNVESA’s proprietary alloys, this spectrometer is a measuring instrument that determines the precise chemical composition of metals by interpreting and analyzing the sparks generated as a result of burning samples.

The atoms and ions that are given off during this process are excited and emit light that is conducted towards optical systems. In these, the light is measured by a CCD photosensitive electronic detector, which converts the light into electrical charges.

Funvesa technology chemical analysis

For more than 60 years FUNVESA has design and cast special wear resistant steel and iron parts for the mining, aggregate, shredders among other heavy industries.